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Perfect Match- Vegan

Perfect Match- Vegan

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Do you want versatility? Then match! The Perfect Match Double Eyebrow Brightening Pencil has two sides that will brighten, highlight and lift your brows. The matte side, in addition to highlighting the look, and illuminating the central points of the face and the waterline, is ideal for disguising the small hairs on the eyebrows when they are growing, right at the root. The shimmering side, shimmering, illuminates and gives a more harmonious and natural look to the face.


  • Brightens and highlights the look
  • Raises the eyebrows
  • Disguises small hairs
  • Harmonizes the face
  • Enhances the eyebrow design Cruelty-free and Vegan

Usage Tips

1. Apply the shimmer or matte shade below your brows. Blend until you reach the desired result.

As a highlighter

1. Apply the matte side to the center of the nose, temples and the center of the forehead to highlight the central points of the face
2. Apply the shimmer side to the tip of the nose and temples.

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