Transform Your Brows Naturally:

Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Henna

Learn more about the risks and downsides of Henna and say hello to naturally fuller, healthier brows.

The Hidden Dangers of Henna

Henna has gained popularity as a natural and long-lasting solution for tinting brows. However, while it seems like a harmless and effective way to achieve darker and more defined brows, there are hidden dangers associated with its use that many people are unaware of.

The Risk of Metallic Salts

One of the primary concerns with henna is the presence of metallic salts, such as lead acetate, which are often included in the mixture to achieve a deeper, longer-lasting color. These salts can be highly damaging:

Clogged Follicles

Metallic salts can clog your hair follicles, preventing new hair growth and potentially causing hair loss, leaving you with sparser brows.

Weakening of Hair

The chemicals can weaken the hair shafts, making them more prone to breakage.

The Eyebrow Design Difference

Brow Styling that is safe and helps you achieve fuller, more defined brows.

Eyebrow Design Styling in 4 Simple Steps

Beautiful Natural Look

Exclusive Design Technique

Personalized to complement the unique symmetry of your face.

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Delicate with your Skin

Threading & Tweezer Hair Removal

with Organic Egyptian Cotton Threads to avoid irritation and allergic reactions and for Maximum precision.

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Revitalize & Strengthen

Brow Nourishing Toning Gel

This isn't Henna; it's a treatment promoting growth and strengthening your brows to their lushest self, ensuring a perfect look from your very first visit

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Kickstart your brow transformation

Brow Growth Booster

Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, including Zinc, Biotin, and Panthenol, this revolutionary formula accelerates brow growth, delivering noticeable results in just 3 weeks with a single application. Pair it with our SD Makeup Serum and say goodbye to sparse brows and hello to a bold, defined brow look.

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Eyebrow Design


No Harmful Chemicals



Promotes Brow Health & Growth



Naturally Fuller Brows



Shape & Design Your Brows Through Real Growth