Transform Your Brows Naturally:

Safer and Healthier Alternatives to Microblading

Learn more about the risks and downsides of microblading and say hello to naturally fuller, healthier brows.

The Hidden Dangers of Microblading

At Eyebrow Design, we understand the frustration of dealing with sparse or thinning brows, and the appeal of techniques that promise fast results. However, what people often don't know or talk about are the risks, downsides, and long-term consequences that microblading poses. That's why Eyebrow Design is committed to informing the public of these risks and promoting natural treatments that are effective, safe, and deliver long-lasting brow transformation results. Follow along to discover the downsides of microblading:

There is No Semi Permanent

Microblading is sold as semi-permanent in nature, but it is nothing of the like. One way or the other your face will forever bear the marks of microblading. This means that any mistakes in shape or color can be difficult to correct, and impossible to remove, even after multiple laser sessions.

Color fading and changing over time

With time the tint will start to move as your skin is renewed and the tint will sink deeper. Depending on the tint, you may end up with Blue, Gray, Green or Tan shades. This needs to be followed by a new procedure, which will need to be darker than the previous one, in order to cover the remnants.

Scarring and Keloid Formation

Repeated incisions can lead to scarring, especially for those prone to keloids.

The Eyebrow Design Difference

Address the root cause of sparse or thinning brows without resorting to artificial and invasive procedures.

Natural Brow Recovery & Transformation in 4 Simple Steps

Beautiful Natural Look

Exclusive Design Technique

Personalized to complement the unique symmetry of your face.

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Delicate with your Skin

Threading & Tweezer Hair Removal

with Organic Egyptian Cotton Threads to avoid irritation and allergic reactions and for Maximum precision.

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Revitalize & Strengthen

Brow Nourishing Toning Gel

This isn't Henna; it's a treatment promoting growth and strengthening your brows to their lushest self, ensuring a perfect look from your very first visit

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Kickstart your brow transformation

Brow Growth Booster

Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, including Zinc, Biotin, and Panthenol, this revolutionary formula accelerates brow growth, delivering noticeable results in just 3 weeks with a single application. Pair it with our SD Makeup Serum and say goodbye to sparse brows and hello to a bold, defined brow look.

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Eyebrow Design

Micro blading

Solves Sparse Brows Permanently



Cares for your Brows & Skin (Non-Invasive)



No Scars or Permanent Marks



Color Consistency



Shape Can Be Adjusted Quickly