Beauty <br> Starts With Your <br> Eyebrows
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Exclusive Technique

Eyebrow Transformation from the 1st Session

Tailored to your unique facial symmetry. With Threading and Tweezer Hair Removal. We use Organic Egyptian Cotton threads on the top and precision Tweezers on the bottom removing only what is strickly necessary to progresively work on your ideal Eyebrow Design

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Exclusive Treatment

Full recovery of sparse or damaged brows

Our SD Serum Plus Brow & Lash Promotes the accelerated growth of your Eyebrows and Eyelashes while strenghtening and moisturising the hairs, resulting in the recovery of sparse or damaged brows

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  • ★★★★★

    “This was my second visit to the Eyebrow Design, and the service keeps getting better each time. I am happy with the outcome and would recommend their service to anyone.“
    - Joan Hernandez
  • ★★★★★

    The staff is wonderful. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. No delays in waiting for services or appointments. My eyebrows are looking better than ever! I recommend this service without hesitation.

    - Tere Rabreau
  • ★★★★★

    I have been a monthly paying member, I have been with them for over a year. Natalia has been the greatest asset to this salon. Very nice and sweet. Service hands down, they take their time to do things right. The service consist of eyebrwo design including the henna dye to make your eyebrows seem fuller. For the henna dye I always choose light to natural. I love their products, from brow pencils, lipies to hair growth serum. Scheduling is easy to do, they text you reminders and they are very flexible. The saloon is super clean, service has been excellent.

    - Martha R
  • ★★★★★

    This was my third visit in two months. I have never had to wait. The studio is clean and has a relaxing vibe. ED uses high quality products that last and work. I was a victim of overplucking and had thin misshapen eyebrows. I didn't know it was possible to have what they've given me. I've always had Raina do my eyebrows. She is amazing. I highly recommend Eyebrow Design Sunset. I had my reservations since I do not enjoy going to snobby Miami beauty bars. Eyebrow Design is lovely place with expert eyebrow designers. 10/10

    - Stevi D
  • ★★★★★

    After three months of membership, my brows have completely made me more beautiful, are so me and empowering. I am ready to start their growth serym as well to keep them healthy and always growing.
    Love it here!

    - Edith Vaca
  • ★★★★★

    New to the area and found Eyebrow Design on Instagram. I would highly recommend their services! They are professional, friendly and so helpful with my thinning eyebrows. Great place!
    - Sharon Glaus
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The Eyebrow Design Experience

Brow Styling that is safe and helps you achieve fuller, more defined brows, without resorting to artificial and invasive procedures.

4 Steps to Brow Recovery & Transformation

Beautiful Natural Look

Exclusive Design Technique

Personalized to complement the unique symmetry of your face.

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Delicate with your Skin

Threading & Tweezer Hair Removal

with Organic Egyptian Cotton Threads to avoid irritation and allergic reactions and for Maximum precision.

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Revitalize & Strengthen

Brow Nourishing Toning Gel

This isn't Henna; it's a treatment promoting growth and strengthening your brows to their lushest self, ensuring a perfect look from your very first visit

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Kickstart your brow transformation

Brow Growth Booster

Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, including Zinc, Biotin, and Panthenol, this revolutionary formula accelerates brow growth, delivering noticeable results in just 3 weeks with a single application. Pair it with our SD Makeup Serum and say goodbye to sparse brows and hello to a bold, defined brow look.

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  • Facial Depilation

    We'll help you get soft, brighter and younger looking skin, as well as remove unwanted hair and peach fuzz

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  • Professional Makeup

    Whether you are getting ready for a special occasion or just a day at the office, our makeup artist can help.

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  • ED-Lashes

    Enhance your eyes with this exclusive and revolutionary innovation that follows Eyebrow Design's philosophy of natural, organic, and non-invasive products.

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We care about you and your lifestyle

You can indulge in professional treatment techniques customized for your busy, natural-centered lifestyle. Our formulations are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, honoring both the planet and its inhabitants. Booking with us ensures a seamless experience.

Treatment Is Everything

When you use Eyebrow Design’s products, rest assured that you are prioritizing the utmost care for your skin, brows, and lashes.Our products stand at the vanguard of organic beauty technology, ensuring not only your well-being but also showing respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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